The Minglewood

The Minglewood is an enormous primeval forest on the Northern Continent.

The Elves maintain that the Minglewood was once part of an even larger primeval forest that also included The Serenwood,[[The Jade Forest of Shao-Lin]], The Duskwoods and The Od She and covered two thirds of the continent back in the years before The Great Wrath.  Nowadays, the Minglewood is bordered by The Waste to the East, The Mingledowns and The Caldera to the West, The River Was to the North and the Plantations of The Sea Marches to the South.  Also, stretches of the interior of the Minglewood have been cleared for settlement along the banks of The Meander.


The Minglewood is an "Enchanted Forest," but not in a "faeries dancing around toadstools" kind of way(although faeries can be found dancing around toadstools within it) but in a dark and savage way.  Much of it has not been fully explored as it seems to swallow many of the adventurers  who seek the rumored riches buried in the ruins of anceint Elven city of Elendayrel who enter and never return.

The Minglewood is the home of Centaur Tribes, various Fey, several Gnoll Princedoms, nomadic tribes of Grugach Elves, many Magical Beasts, a large settlement of Hobgoblins known as The Kalarak,  savage beasts, at least three lairing Dragons, a small Hold of Bronze Dwarves called Tokbannaar, many shadows and several hordes of undead.  

The Minglewood

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