Amara Freya Fortune



A Portrait of AMARA's 1st level stats: God: Bast Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Age: 29 Sex: Female and all of the time ability scores: STR=16 DEX=11 CON=15 INT=11 WIS=20 (18+2 from Human's ability to choose an ability score to improve) CHA=13 Hit Points = 13 from initial roll Domains: Travel and Fire Spells Per Day: -3 0 LEVEL SPELLS PER DAY (ORISONS – THAT NEVER GET USED UPONLY LIMITED BY WHAT I CHOOSE EVERY DAY) – 3 REGULAR SPELLS (ONE THAT CLERICS GET REGARDLESS OF THEIR WISDOM SCORE, AND TWO EXTRA BONUS SPELLS FOR HIGH WISDOM) -1 OF MY 1ST LEVEL DOMAIN SPELLS (EITHER BURNING HANDS OR LONGSTRIDER) -1 2ND LEVEL SPELL THAT I HAVE A DAILY DICE ROLL WITH A 50% CHANCE OF HAVING ACCESS TO IT


Amara was born into a poor, but happy, family that lived in the Northernmost Darkery, a very small valley at the end of the Great Expanse – that swirling turquoise forest that spirals almost to the end of modern day Sinistresa, a country without moral boundaries. Sinistresa sits in the extreme South and its human inhabitants become ruthless almost as quickly as they become lean and tan. The entire country carries an emotional burden, a bleakness, a desire for retribution, for the small country to the west, Perditia, which carried out The Great Unforgivable Act against Sinistresa during the Years of No Food and No Fun, which almost withered and destroyed Sinistresa over 700 years ago. During the Years of No Food and No Fun, there was neither food nor fun. At that time, the Sinistresians were a devout people who lived off the land and worshipped animals. No Sinistresian ever let meat meet their lips. They were vegetarians who treated animals like brothers and sisters. The greatest of the Sinistresian ancient gods was Bast, the cat goddess of cats, pleasure, and protection. Each Sinistresian had at least 10 cats in order to please Bast and during the Years of No Food and No Fun, a Sinistresian would sooner let a newborn baby starve than let a cat go without a saucer of milk. The cats, as a result of being treated like gods, grew fat and lazy. One night, thousands of hungry Perditians poured over the borders of Sinistresa and gathered up hundreds of thousands of cats and carried them back over the border to feed their people. When the Sinistresians awoke in the morning to find the cats gone, a small militia went to Perditia and took the youngest child from each Perditian home and brought them back to Sinistresa where they were cooked over spits and consumed. Since that day, the countries' characters have changed entirely. Perditians have sought forgiveness for their choice to eat the cats and have forgotten it almost entirely as decision made out of desperation and the madness of hunger. They have not, however forgotten about the Sinistresians actions during those dark days. The Sinistresians, who until The Great Unforgivable Act had never tasted blood, have now developed a blood lust. They have not forgiven themselves either. Modern Day Sinistresians have tried to revert back to the traditions of the Sweetpurr Era, before the Great Unforgivable Act, but it has been difficult as the character of the country was forever changed in that moment. At birth, each Sinistresian is given two names. The first name is a hopeful name, although it must contain at least an element that carries the meaning of "bitter" or "sorrow" to remember what they did. The second name that a child is given is to stand for their true self: the sinister, evil identity that carried out such a heinous crime. Most families embrace the dark side, believing it impossible to overcome their dark history. Some families try to hold on to the old gods and old hopeful ways and usually live in as much isolation as possible in an attempt to stay away from their poisonous countrymen. At each meal, Sinistresians eat both horseradish and meat to remember the bloodshed and the bitterness that it brought. Amara Freya Fortune was born into a good family who had tried to isolate themselves as much as possible by living in the Northernmost Darkery. Amara Freya Fortune was given two names at her sunbathing naming ceremony – one "Amara Freya Fortune" which means "Fortunate Woman of a Bitter, Unfading Paradise" and the another name to stand for a nation's sin and bloodlust: "Vendetta Vera Wang." Over time her parents had two other daughters, "Ria Lava Virtue" and "Maja Suave Escapa." The girls loved animals and spent happy hours with their numerous pets in their warm bark hut. 25 years after Amara’s birth, her parents gave birth to a son “Marus Honor Sattwa.” Amara and sisters, who were much older than him showered attention on him and bathed him in the Soft Waters and made him giggle in the sunlight. One night as the family slept, Amara awoke to a soft crying. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she began to make out the horrific sight of her sister, Maja Suave Escapa, with blood running down her face as she chewed off the ears of her baby brother. Amara screamed and the family awoke. Amara lunged at Maja with one of the heavy tools the family used to tend to the fire. As Maja darted for the door, she whispered her excuse “they were just so soft.” Maja ran off into the Great Expanse and did not return. Amara’s parents lit the lanterns and as they did so realized the great evil that had just been perpetrated against little Marus. Not only his ears were missing, but his eyes as well. Amara’s father turned to her with sorrow in his eyes. “Amara,” he said, “I cannot keep you in this house for I saw your true nature when you leapt at Maja. I cannot continue to call you Amara – you are now to be known as Vendetta to this family and you are not invited to share our home. Go and find your sister and remove one of her eyes and one of her ears, show her some mercy – more than she showed Marus. She deserves it – Maja is dead to us. Go and find Devilla Cane and make her remember her crime forever.” And so at 26 years old, with no skills but reading, playing in the forest, and worshipping the animal gods, Amara Freya Fortune set off to find her sister and her fortune in lands beyond Sinistresa. She walked north until she came to a small town with a temple to Bast. She joined the Sisterhood of Bast and apprenticed at more learned clerics’ knees. She told the Sisters that her family had died and that she had come to try and make a new life for herself. By day she learned the ways of faith and healing but by night she lived a darker existence. She took a job as dancer – entertaining the rich merchants that came into town. On stage, with no robes and only her signature animal masks to hide her face, she was the famous Vendetta Vicious – a dancer who held men captivated. They would often go a day’s journey off their trade routes to see her dance and would often stay an extra night just to see her dance again. As the men emptied their pockets of their gold, she would lean over and ask them the same question again and again: “Have you ever met a girl who goes by the name of Devilla or Maja? If you ever meet her, tell her that Vendetta can’t wait to see her again…” In the morning, back at the temple for morning prayers, she would ask Bast to give her guidance or an opportunity to find Devilla and fulfill her father’s command. When the Sisterhood of Bast, after Amara’s final initiation into the rites of Bast, asked her to go on a mission to do the work of Bast in the world and to collect her own weight in gold as a sacrifice to the goddess, Amara accepted without question. She believed it to be Bast finally giving her the guidance for which she had prayed for so long.

Amara Freya Fortune

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